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      Vaults combine multiple strategies in varying weights and combinations, with the goal of offering exposure to returns in the top and upcoming DeFi Protocols - whilst reducing protocol specific risk exposures within DeFi.

      Vaults will frequently auto-compound the returns from the strategies – making the Base Return. They are further supplemented by YOP tokens from the community emissions pool – making the Reward Return. The Base Return is the same for all, whilst the Reward Return is unique and depends on each depositors’ vested interest in the YOP community.

      Clear performance metrics and insight into the Vault and the underlying strategies will be provided to bring peace of mind and offer the opportunity to delve deeper and learn more. Until then, reach out to us on Discord/Telegram to learn more.

      Vault Documentation

      Vaults make use of smart contracts to continually reinvest earnings, which compound returns and help achieve a high level of yield.