Stake your YOP tokens inside the LockBox

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Available YOP 0.0

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1 mth

5 yrs

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Staking is a way of putting your YOP tokens to work to earn rewards, receive a "Boost" in the Vaults and participate in the upcoming YOP DAO. By "locking-up" (or staking) your YOP tokens in the LockBox – you are clearly indicating your vested interest in the protocol and receive clear benefits for doing so.

Staking rewards are generated from 2 key parts: Emissions from the Community Pool and the fees generated within YOP (from Vault management and performance fees). The fees generated are used to buy YOP tokens on the open market, which then are re-distributed to stakers.

Apart from the rewards generated from the LockBox, stakers will also receive a Boosted "Reward APY" within all the Vaults they have deposited in. See more information in the "Get Boosted" knowledge base.

LockBox Documentation

Within the LockBox, $YOP can be locked-up (or "staked") for varying periods of time in order to earn a share of the fees generated from the Vaults and the community emissions.