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Boost your reward APY by staking YOP tokens

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Opps - no vault deposits here. To get boosted, you must first connect your wallet to show the YOP Tokens you hold and your vault deposit and staking positions.

Get Boosted

Before explaining the concept of the Boost, it is important to understand two 2 elements that comprise the returns on Vaults: Base APY and Reward APY.

- Base APY: The return generated from the underlying strategies (denominated in the Vault deposit token).

- Reward APY: The return generated from the community emissions allocated to a user (denominated in YOP).

The YOP Boost is the key route to increase your Reward APY in the Vaults – and is derived from your staking balance in the LockBox. The higher the ratio of your native YOP staked balance compared to your non-native balance (deposit into the Vaults), the more YOP reward you will receive on your Vault positions.:,

The goal of this model is to reward participants in the protocol that have a vested interest – determined by the amount and duration of YOP tokens locked. All users achieve a minimum level of YOP rewards (at x1 multiplier), but they can receive a boost of up to x10 APY by staking more YOP. To see more information about the calculation methodology – see Boosting documentation.

Boost Documentation

Boosting is mechanism used to increase your returns in the Vaults and it is derived from the ratio of your Vault deposits and your staking balance in the LockBox.